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Heartbreak is painful, losing your loved one is agonizing, breakup coach is what you need to guide you through this unpleasant journey. Whether it be an emotional crisis or a journey to your ideal self, rest assured that we're here to help. Welcome to our website. We hope you're able to see how we can help during your time of need.

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    Get a head start, select a session and let's take your first step in your journey back to yourself. To begin, select which session you're interested in and proceed through the checkout process, once the process is complete, we'll send you an email that will allow you to select a chosen time & date.
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    A 1 hour consultation appointment helps us determine your current state and a recommended solution giving us a great step forward in helping you.
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    Book assistance during an emotional crisis.
    A crisis can last longer than you think, many factors take into effect and to help you accurately, it's recommended this assistance be done in 6 sessions within a window of 4 weeks.
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    Book assistance with your journey to your ideal self.
    Your journey to your ideal self is one of the most important investments you make in yourself. It's recommend to book 24 sessions within a window of 8 weeks.
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