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Healing from heartbreak and Getting my Partner Back

Heartbreak can be one of the most painful hits you would ever get in your lifetime. The truth is the pain you go through towards the end of a relationship and right after, cannot be visible to others around you. And the social and professional help available to you, is usually very limited in terms of accessibility, time, understanding, etc.
Grieving the loss of the person you love, and seeing your plans fail, and watching your dreams get torn apart, one after the other, is one of the most physically and mentally agonizing experiences you would ever live in your whole life. In those times, the bleeding of your soul and weeping of your heart, regardless how devastating it could be to you, sometimes cannot be comprehended by the community around you.
Anyone who says that you can get your partner back while you are lost and shattered is mistaken. In that painful moment, you need to process the experience, heal yourself, and get your life back together before you actually start seeing everything fall back into place the way it is meant to be. It is only after you heal and recover completely that you will start seeing people treat you the way you deserve.

Recovering from a Tough Breakup and Moving on with my Life

There is nothing more important in life, to many of us than a significant other. And going through times where you feel your relationship is slipping through your fingers, the love of your life is turning a cold shoulder on you, the person you called home is treating you like a total stranger... this could be truly the scariest and toughest times of your life.
A lot of those times are rough times where we would need support from everyone: family, friends, employers, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, psychologists, therapists, etc. but are they there???? In my experience, no. In my experience, a lot of times family wouldn't understand, friends would give quick advice and go about their own life, employers wouldn't care less, specialists are just too expensive or simply not available except after very long wait times, etc.
In times of emotional crisis, there are tons of resources to help you address your issues, and my role here is to provide immediate support to get customized solutions for your healing and recovery journey.

Restoring My Self-Confidence and Boosting up My Self Esteem

Often in life do we face situations where, despite our accumulated success in multiple ways, we feel too overwhelmed in a social context, reluctant to share in a crowd, overwhelmed by unspoken dreams, or embarrassed by some of our character traits or undesirable behaviors. And although we really want to change in ourselves, for some reason, we do not seem to be able to. We read books, watch motivational YouTube videos, talk to our friends.
However, whenever we progress a few steps forward, we fall stumbling three steps backwards. Having someone who can be your honest mirror, who would bounce off some ideas that unreveal your deeply buried limiting beliefs, remove your emotional and / or mental blocks, and arrest your triggers and win your ego battles, can be very helpful in your healing journey.
I can help you use some tools to release on your day-to-day stresses, process your subconscious blocks, and change your undesired behaviors.

Working on my Life goals and Becoming My Best self

We all have lots of goals and dreams. We grab a pen and paper, get down our timelines, and dream for nights on seeing our dream come to life. But for some reason, we are not getting there.
The tools to put down your plans, and techniques to get where you want to be, are probably things you already know. There is no shortage of material online that talks about planning, goal setting, self-discipline, etc.
However, putting these plans to life, committing to your dreams till you reach the finish line, showing up to yourself, making the dreams actually come true, takes another level of practice in the limbic and cerebellum brains and consistent work on your energy centers. I invite you to book a session with me to help you see your life goals manifest into reality. Let’s talk about how you can change your old self, shed off your weakness, hesitation, old self, and bring your ideal self to life.

Career Progress, Job Search, and Issues at Work

Just like a partner in a marriage is significantly important for your personal life, your business partners and employers are significantly important in your professional life as well. Employers are only complex human beings as well. Hurdles at work can easily knock us out of our balance and impact our mental health just as stresses in our personal relationships do or even worse.
A lot of techniques can be applied to analyze your personality, resolve issues you are having at work, handle struggles of control, limiting beliefs, ego, crushed ambitions, and frustrating relationships.
Just like rejection in romantic relationships, rejection at work can be eroding to your self-esteem, and a hard hit to your life dreams. But if you are equipped with the right tools on professional, emotional and subconscious levels, you will undoubtedly be able to master the game of winning in all scenarios of your professional life and you will clearly see every experience as an opportunity you can win.
Let’s book some time to talk about how you can win your meetings, and get to enjoy the experience of working with difficult people.

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